Medford Condos for Sale

The "Next Big Place" Medford, MA. Condos

Hailed by the Boston Globe as “the next big place”, Medford is a perfect place to search for a condo. Condominiums are a popular choice for Medford residents due to their prime location, their amenities, customization options and price. There are a wide array of condo options, from high end buildings for the working professional to child friendly options for families. With such a variety of options, there is an option for every interested buyer. Condos are a great option for downsizing without compromising on privacy or amenities. With space at premium in Medford, condos are an option for maximizing every dollar and work with a variety of budgets. Medford is popular with people looking for lower prices than Cambridge or the heart of Boston but still want a thriving community with good access to the city.  As Medford’s popularity grows, the real estate market is booming and now is the best time to lock in deals.

Medford Schools

Medford is proud of its diverse and committed public schools

“The Medford Public Schools is a caring educational partnership of school, family and community designed to ensure that all students are afforded a safe and healthy learning environment in which they develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to reach their full academic and personal potential.”

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What's Going on in Medford?

Arts, Food and Events!

Medford has a large and thriving arts community. The Medford Arts Council is a city appointed commission of volunteers which offers grants to writers, visual artists, performers, cultural organizations, and more. Run a little gallery for artists at Medford City Hall.  Then there is the Medford Arts Center, who also runs Mystic Makerspace  , a collective source of tools, education and space geared towards community members ages 16-106.  Cache , the Coalition for Arts, Culture and a Healthy Economy,  is a non-profit organization made up of a coalition of over 20 different cultural institutions in Medford. They collectively advocate for the arts in Medford and work together to make our community a more vibrant place through events, projects, and collaborations with local businesses. They do at least four major events, including Arts Across Medford and The Mystic River Celebration. The Aikmann Art Center at Tufts University has exhibitions that are open to the public and the Chevalier Theatre , located in Medford Square, has become an amazing destination for interesting and also national shows for adults and children.

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